Have you received a well intentioned gift that you know you'll never use? Did you buy something for your baby that they outgrew before you even unwrapped it? Did you find unopened baby products when spring cleaning? 

Don't let those unused baby products go to waste. Before it's trash, make it cash! At Infantory.com we believe in the phrase "Waste not, want not." And we embody that idea through our baby product buy back program. If you have an unused baby products, we will buy it back so that you can put that money towards something that you and your baby can actually use!

Simply click here to fill out our 'Contact Us' form. Provide a brief description of the product you have with your name, email, and contact information. We will contact you shortly after we receive your email to discuss further details of the product.

Review the checklist below to see if your product qualifies:

Please note: Infantory.com does not buy back all baby products, and certain baby products we are prohibited from buying back. To be eligible for buy back, products must be unused and unopened*.