In 1970, we opened our doors in Washington, DC as the D-Mart Chain of stores. Our mission to provide quality products at affordable prices helped launch us to success. In 1975, we chose to refocus our business solely on selling products for infants and toddlers. And with this focus, we have been able to ensure that we offer expectant and current parents with safe, quality, and affordable products for infants and toddlers.

As businesses moved online, other infant and toddler-focused stores simply threw their inventory lists online, with little consideration to first-time and current parents needs. Recognizing the need for not only a better shopping site, but a website that provided current and expecting parents an entire array of options, we surveyed parents to find out how we could not only sell products, but help parents as well.

In 2010, D-Mart re-launched as We developed a new brand and website to cater to the modern needs of parents of infants and toddlers, while also to assisting first-time parents trying to navigate through the barrage of information and choices that come with a new born baby.

With this is mind, we developed a site providing information on infant safety, parental advice and information developmental stages, as well as provide discount prices on quality products for infants and toddlers.

Having a baby sends our lives into a whole new world of wonder, surprise and a constant learning experience. We help make your shopping venture easier with detailed information regarding our many products, so that you feel confident that your baby is getting all of safe and quality products, at the right price. has many categories and sub categories which allow an easy browsing experience whether you’re shopping for strollers, car seats or a simple pacifier.

Your baby's needs come first here at If you have any questions or concerns please ask, and we will do our best to give you a helping hand and come up with a solution.